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In a growing and very competitive marketplace, companies struggle to afford and justify the cost of adding permanent staff members to provide all of their services.  Companies today are using available outsource services as the alternative. Imagine bidding a project and being awarded it and then finding out you are 25% under staffed. Your real headache has just begun. It is becoming more and more inevitable that part of a company's everyday business practice is to use an outsource consulting service with experienced personnel to help in time of need. This type of outsourcing has proven to be a wise choice for those companies that have elected to use this resource.   OMAAC, Inc. fits that bill while assisting your firm and still allows you to provide a quality service to your client.


For any company to be successful it must provide the best caliber of services that their clients expect.  OMAAC uses the dedication of their employees to take the time and listen to the needs and wants of the client and merge them into an end product that effectively communicates the client's goals.

Our reputation is built on the commitment to satisfy the needs of our clients by providing them with a service that is of the highest quality.  It is this strong dedication to quality that has gained OMAAC the loyalty and respect of our clients.

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