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At OMAAC, we have worked with some of the top national and international companies in the building industry, as well as helping establish some manufacturers from their very beginning in business. For our clients, we have done design work on jobs ranging from buildings as small as 30'x30'. We also have provided our services for 300,000 sq.ft. facilities, major hotel chains, automobile and manufacturing plants, concrete mixing towers, etc. No matter what the size of your project, we can meet your needs. If you need engineering or architectural services, we can assist you by making arrangements with some of our other clients if you need us to.

Our goal is simple. It is our intention to make sure that your client is deeply satisfied with the finished product. As our clients can vouch for, we can help you eliminate in-house costs while increasing productivity and overall quality in your finished projects. If you need help finding an architect, engineer, metal buildings product provider, or builder, we can put you in contact with someone, or handle arrangements ourselves. We will do our best to provide you with what your standards require in terms of order flow, shop, assembly, Erection, and shipment processing. Or we can easily provide for your needs per general industry standards. We know that providing you the best service we can is profitable for all of us.

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